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An Excellent Video Debunking CAGW

This video does an excellent job in debunking Climate Change CAGW AGW. Highly recommended. Advertisements

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Climate Change – How’s it Panning Out?

Introduction Updated June 2013 with latest temperatures and base period change to 1981-2010. This paper asks the question: “Does the empirical observational data support the climate scientists’ computer models output?”. A top-down approach is taken – curve fitting, if you … Continue reading

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Advert, when I can afford to publish: CLIMATE CHANGE – Beyond the Politics

I’m a bit of a passive activist, i.e. not the sort that joins demonstrations waving banners, shouting slogans. But I do want to get the BAGW (Beneficial Anthropogenic Global Warming) message out, so I figured that if I ever had … Continue reading

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