My name’s Rob Munn, and I am a retired software engineer (20 years) who used to be a meteorological consultant (20 years), before having a (run-of-the-mill) mid-life crisis.

The subject of “Climate Change” (aka “Catastrophic Anthroprogenic Global Warming”) was initially an interesting academic scientific discussion. The discussion then got hijacked by activists and the left-wing media, and finally by the politicians.

Being Australian, this “discussion” is about to hit my hip pocket, through a carbon (dioxide) tax – it’s now personal, and I have to say something!


3 Responses to About

  1. David Evans says:

    Rob, thanks for your comment on WUWT as Meteosoft about my Skeptic’s Case paper. I’ve often thought about doing such a curve fitting exercise myself, and often wondered. Yes, 1944 is where our human CO23 emissions started being significant. Current 0.05C/decade due to CO2 sounds about right to me, as you’ve noted!
    David E.

  2. Tom Cook says:

    HI Rob, I saw a picture of your vaisala wxt520 display software over on weather underground. Could you let me know some details about it? Is it custom or something I can buy.

  3. Meteosoft says:

    Tom – Thanks for the interest. I’ve sent you an email…

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