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A reader has been saving GISS temperature data every month since 2005, and sent it over to me.

In 2005, Hansen showed about 0.55C warming from 1910 to 2005. Now he shows almost 0.75C warming over that same time interval.


2005 version   2013 version

The next graph shows alterations to the data since 2005 – almost 0.2C.

ScreenHunter_79 Mar. 25 06.56

Hansen is trying to create the impression of warming by progressively cooling the past, and progressively warming the present. The graph below shows how he used to adjust June 1915 upwards by 0.07C, but now he adjusts it downwards by 0.19C. Since 2005, he has progressively altered the June 1915 temperature by more than 0.25 degrees.

ScreenHunter_85 Mar. 25 07.20

The next graph shows how Hansen has progressively warmed October 2002 in successive versions of the GISS data. In 2005 he showed the anomaly at 0.46C, and now he shows it at 0.6C. There have been five…

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I am a retired software engineer (20 years) who used to be a meteorological consultant (20 years), before having a (run-of-the-mill) mid-life crisis. The company I worked for until recently, would have frowned at me hosting this site, it being very green! The subject of "Climate Change" (now aka "Catastrophic Anthroprogenic Global Warming") was initially an interesting academic scientific discussion. The discussion then got hijacked by activists and the left-wing media, and finally by the politicians. Being Australian, this "discussion" hit my hip pocket, through a carbon (dioxide) tax - it's now personal, and I have to say something!
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